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If you’re trying to pick the right cat for your home, you might want to start by looking at the type of junk you have that needs removed. It may sound strange but your junk can tell you some very important things about your lovable new pet.

So you’re looking to rid your home of that old washer and dryer and invest in a new one that’ll give your clothes that fresh smell you were once so used to. You’re clearly someone who prioritizes cleanliness so a kitty like the Colorpoint Shorthair would be perfect for you. This breed has a short coat that requires little grooming, keeping you and your clothes hair-free.

Couches can be particularly hard to get rid of. They’re the comfiest seat in your house but if yours is looking a little disheveled, it’s probably time. To help test the bounciness of your new couch, you’ll need a feline friend. Look to the gorgeous Maine Coon. It may be big but it sure knows how to relax all day long.

Moving on out, you may also be looking to remove all that yard waste. That stuff is heavy so leave it to Shunt and the rest of his Clean Junk Out team. Now your yard is pristine, you probably don’t want a cat messing it up. Opt for a breed like the hairless Minskin which prefers to stay cozy indoors rather than venturing into the great outside.

Now that summer is almost over, you may have realized that your grill isn’t quite up to the standard it should be. Throw it away and get a new one in order to please your Exotic Shorthair who will sit there all day begging for scraps. You couldn’t ask for a better eating pal.

Last but not least, your carpet may need a bit of TLC. Once you’ve got your new one fitted, you’re going to want to keep it super clean. The American Bobtail Cat does shed an awful lot but cleaning up the hair will at least help you see how beautiful your new carpet is every day.

Even if you aren’t looking for a brand new pet to liven up your home, you can still get rid of all of the old things with the help of Clean Junk Out. It only takes one phone call.

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