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It’s that room that you don’t like to enter. That room where your old pair of sneakers from 2002 still sits in the corner that you threw them into. That room full of things that you’ll never use again, but just haven’t taken the time to get rid of. You know where we mean… It’s the great American junk room, and now it’s time to clean it out.

Junk RoomFirst things first, you need to actually enter the room of doom. Clean Junk Out’s Shunt Ovakyan says to spend some time deciding what you need and really don’t need. If you haven’t used it in a couple of years, it’s likely that you will never use it again.

Start making a pile of the stuff you want to throw out. If you have multiple amounts of the same thing, decide whether you really need more than one. If not, throw the rest away.

You probably also have a bunch of boxes in your junk room. Don’t leave these for another time. Instead, go through each and every one and do the same mental process. Do I really need this? Am I likely to use this? Would throwing this out affect my life in any way? If the answer to all of these questions is no, Shunt says you know what to do.

You’re likely to have ended up with a huge pile of junk that you’re not quite sure what to do with. Rather than haul it to a donation store yourself (or simply throw it in the trash), contact Clean Junk Out for some removal help.

And if you still have some useless stuff lying around, Shunt and his team can even help you part with it – no matter how much it hurts.

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