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Shed Removal & Disposal

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Is your shed getting old and rotting and would like to have it removed? The Clean Junk Out crew if fully trained and arrives prepared with the tools and equipment necessary to demolish, remove, and dispose of your old shed. Ah yes! Don’t stress if the shed is filled with junk. First, we will remove the junk inside or around the shed. Second, we will remove your old shed. It’s that simple!

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Call or text us at (626) 399-4065 or conveniently book online for a no-obligation appointment.

We will provide a 2-hour window for arrival and call you 15-30 minutes before.

Photos are welcome.

Pricing is prorated based upon the amount of junk we fill in our truck.

Just let us know what you want removed, and we will take care of the rest.

We will remove the items, load them in our truck and donate, responsibly dispose, or recycle the items.

Customer Testimonials

With hundreds of 5-star reviews on Yelp we are the highest rated junk removal company in the greater Pasadena area.

5 star ratingI was installing cabinets in my garage and trying to reduce the mess at the same time. I removed a wooden bench and a few of the years of junk from the previous owners. It was all strewn over my driveway and I didn't feel I had the energy to deal with it any further. I called Clean Junk Out and within 30 minutes they were cleaning up my driveway and hauling away the trash. Great Guys. I used them 3 years ago when I remodeled my kitchen, they were great then and again today!

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Paul C.

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