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Keeping the Earth Clean through Recycling is Always the Best Way to Dispose of Anything Containing Metals

Recycling is an essential way to save the planet. But how can you be sure that everything you’re putting out in the trash is going where it should?

Most of the time cities are unable, or unwilling, to pick up big items like washers and dryers. You need a service that is able to transport larger waste; one that you can trust to help the Earth while disposing of your junk.

In Pasadena, Clean Junk Out is an eco-friendly service that ensures anything they pick up is recycled appropriately. They understand how and where to reuse items, and the benefits of doing so.

For example, scrap metal is one thing that can be reused for good in many areas. In fact, only 5% of the energy used to make aluminum is needed to recycle the metal, making it an essential waste-avoiding process.

This video demonstrates exactly how metal in your home can be shredded and subsequently recycled:

Reusing metal is also a great way for cities to save power. In 2007, enough electrical power was saved through aluminum recycling to light up a city like Detroit for around eight years. That’s pretty impressive.

Unlike many companies, services like Clean Junk Out realize the potential of metal recycling, instead of just throwing it on the scrap heap. They will provide you with an upfront price estimate and can take away absolutely any kind of junk.

Where they can’t fully recycle items, they will donate to charities in the Los Angeles county and surrounding areas.

Clean Junk Out is even offering a $35 off coupon towards any service they provide: https://cleanjunkout.com/couponpdf.pdf.

Helping to help make your carbon footprint just a little bit smaller.

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