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We’ve all been there. You notice your house getting untidy and don’t want to get rid of anything so invest in a self-storage unit. A few months or years later, that particular place is also crammed with things you don’t really need anymore.

Statistics show that one in 11 households in the US pay for a self-storage unit. And 30% of people use those units for over two years, letting the clutter build up and up. It’s clear that Americans, in particular, have a tendency to keep way too much stuff. This video shows just how much:

When you’ve finally had enough, it’s time to call someone for help. After all, if you’re paying money for something, you want to be able to use it properly. Clean Junk Out can help you get rid of all those items that are cluttering up your storage unit like that old recliner with the broken footrest, or the couch with the sprung springs.

Before contacting them, it’s a good idea to visit your storage unit and make note of the things that are in there. Write down any large items you can see, count the number of boxes there are and if you’re able to, open them up to see what’s inside so your not throwing anything away that might be valuable.

When you’re ready to declutter, think of using the four-box method. This involves creating one box for each of the following: keep, toss, donate/sell, and store.

The ‘keep’ items will go back home with you, while the ‘toss’ items get trashed. The ‘store’ items are kept in the unit and the ‘donate/sell’ items can maybe be sold to a local thrift store, or you can let Clean Junk Out donate those items for you to an organization that might be able to put them to good use.

You can even hire a professional organizer to stop you from getting distracted and spending too much time trying to detach yourself from those sentimental items like all those high school trophies collecting dust, or those old textbooks you’ll never read again.

So if you have a bunch of stuff that you don’t need anymore, then why pay to store it? Call Clean Junk Out now and make an appointment to have them come and get rid of all that stuff for you. If you visit their website you can even get $35 dollars off any service they provide you. So, stop wasting money today, and clear out that storage unit once and for all.

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