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(818) 858-4749
What’s it like to clean out your parents house when circumstances call on you to do so? For most people it will be a mix of stress, exasperation, and sadness as the memories represented by those things filter through the minds of those who have to sort through them.

Knowing what to expect, and how to resolve those things that always come up, will help you plan for this important task. To that end we offer you these tips to help you make it through:

Tip #1:

Just about everybody who’s been through the process of cleaning out their parents place — whether they have to get rid of the “junk” in full out panic mode or not — wishes that they had started sooner.

Tip #2:

Appeal to the person’s sense of not wanting to be any “trouble”: “Dad and Mom, it will be a heck of a lot more trouble for me to sort through all this after you’re gone than to sit here and help you get a handle on it now,” says you.

Tip #3:

What is really important are the memories, not the material things. So, take some pictures of those cherished objects before getting rid of them and you will still have the memory to share.

Tip #4:

Get someone who knows how to help you clean up the mess once you have sorted through and decided what to keep, and what not to keep. Clean Junk Out is a business in Pasadena that knows how to help people clear out old materials once they are no longer needed.


Clean Junk Out has everything you need to help with the difficult task of clearing out unwanted items from mom and dad’s, from full service junk removal to dumpster rentals, for the do it yourselfers, where they drop off the dumpster, and pick it up once you are ready for disposal.

Others have used Clean Junk Out during this difficult time, and have some good words to say about them:

Amanda L., North Hollywood, CA says, “I had to clean out my parents’ 3 bedroom house filled with 25 years worth of furniture and junk. Henry and his crew came out right away, and very efficiently hauled everything out of the house in 6 hours! They did 3 truckloads to get all the stuff out. Thanks guys!”

So, as you can see, using our tips can help you make this difficult task a little less stressful, and give you the tools you need to get this done, and put it to bed once and for all.

For more information, call (626) 399-4065 or visit Book Online.

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