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Chemicals Waste Disposal Fort Wayne IN

Chemicals Waste Disposal Fort Wayne IN

People who use chemicals as part of their jobs are required to follow certain protocols to avoid getting exposed and decrease the potential for incidents and spills. Protecting the environment from chemical contamination is also another part of chemical safety that needs to be considered. It is vital to learn how to dispose of chemical waste because improper disposal practices have major effects on the environment. 

Careful management of chemical wastes for the people who work with chemicals is of almost importance. To protect the environment, the federal, state, local governments create rules and regulations that help govern chemical waste management. In this chemical waste management guide, we’ll discuss how to dispose of chemical waste safely.

How to Dispose of Liquid Chemical Waste

Liquid chemical waste can be disposed of either through the sanitary sewer drain disposal method or Chemical Waste Program. 

Sanitary Sewer Drain Disposal 

This type of chemical waste disposal is only allowed for certain types of chemical wastes. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) doesn’t consider these liquids regulated hazardous wastes. If you dispose of any other wastes through the drain without permission from Environmental Health and Safety, you might be charged.

Chemical Waste Program Disposal

Any chemical waste disposed of through the chemical waste program is considered regulated hazardous waste. And the disposal must be in accordance with hazardous waste disposal requirements. Liquid chemical waste that does not qualify to be disposed of through this method and must be done through the Chemical Waste Program.

How to Dispose of Solid Chemical Waste

Solid chemical waste can be disposed of through Chemical Waste Program or trash disposal.

Trash Disposal

This is only allowed for certain wastes. Waste such as silica gel, mercury-containing devices, batteries, computers, and electronics are not considered regulated hazardous wastes by the Environmental Protection Agency, so they are not subject to chemical waste disposal rules. 

Any other waste discharged through this process that is not in compliance with regulations and rules may lead to criminal charges. So, try not to dispose of any other chemical wastes in the trash without permission from EHS.

Chemical Waste Program Disposal

Solid chemical waste that is considered regulated hazardous waste must be disposed of through this process. For instance, silica gel and other absorbent materials that are contaminated with hazardous stuff are considered hazardous waste. Moreover, elemental mercury that is not intact is also considered hazardous waste.

Chemicals Waste Disposal Fort Wayne IN

As a leading environmental services company, AQS Services offers one of the industry’s largest range of chemical waste disposal services. We protect your business from liability, which results from the proper management of chemical waste. We ensure that your chemical waste disposal solution meets your operational demands, budgets, and objective while eliminating your environmental burden.

Our experienced teams will create a chemical waste disposal solution to help remove your chemical waste materials, all at your convenience, while ensuring your company is compliant with the rules and regulations. If you are considering chemicals waste disposal Fort Wayne IN, contact AQS Services Phone: 630-789-3345.

Chemicals Waste Disposal Fort Wayne IN

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Chemicals Waste Disposal Fort Wayne IN

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